023The Salish sea is a fjord system Of flooded valleys scraped out by glaciers  twenty and fifteen thousand years ago. The ecosystem is  connected to the north pacific ocean by the straight of Juan de Fuca and Georgia straight; fed by the rivers that come down from the  mountains and cross the lowlands that surround the sea.
At least 8.000 years before immigrants began arriving the Salish people thrived here tens of thousands lived with in the eco system hunting ,fishing and farming even farming oysters. These Americans  lived in houses built of cedar and fir log, beams and thick planks. I like to walk shore lines  around the sea and rivers in the early morning and imagine how it was a thousand years ago.
George Vancouver and Peter Puget explored the sea in 1792 they went around naming  stuff they ‘discovered’ after them selves and  pals stuff like Mountains islands and sounds.  On June 4  1792  Vancouver claimed  the land for the British Empire they drew charts that divided the eco system up with lines of latitude longitude borders lines the Salish people who were the only Americans present at the time did not under stand or think they needed . The whole Salish sea and its surrounding area was placed under the administration of the Hudson bay company. The fur trade and liquor was introduced in to the eco system causing economic subjugation in to a thousands year old tribal culture. In 1833 Hudson’s bay company opened a trading post and farm in south end of the sea Fort Nisqually. Settlers began pouring in from the east on the Oregon trail.
In  1846 a settlement named New Market now called  Tumwater was raised by settlers who called them selves Americans and called the Salish people Indians. At first the Salish out numbered the “Americans”  but more and more settlers poured in and the Salish were forced from the land crowded out of the ecosystem that had been in there steward ship thousands of years.
By 1853 new settlements had broken out around the sea,  Henry Yesler built the first steam powered saw mill on Elliot bay in just 30 years William Renton noted all the first growth timber that had covered the low lands around the sea  had been cleared. Some time during that 30  years 1873 my biological fathers family followed the logging trade to the foothills of mount Rainer…
Starting in the early 1920s the paper industry was the big business and pulp mills sprang up around the sound wood pulp competed with hemp pulp, timber barons had the most power and influence and owned news papers so hemp and marijuana were made illegal and the second growth forests were cut. Some of the towns around the sea  had grown in to cities the sewerage poured in to the sea and the rivers that run to it. Seawalls were built separating the sea from the land, river were damned to generate electricity and control flooding. Factory’s were built along the river banks polluting  the river the earth and air around them my Mom and (step father) Dad came to Seattle in the in the early 1940s to build  B 17s at Boeing.
So I have lived around on and in the Salish sea  for over sixty years we have not been good stewards as the Salish people have been we started cleaning it up in the1960s but starting has not been enough the problem now seems to be rain water run off.Come on people it rains a lot here we gotta fix this: we need to be careful what we pour on the ground, wash the car with, spray on the lawn or send to the land fill.                                                   http://www.firstnations.de/development/coast_salish.htmSALISH SEA MAP


pot bust photp by k stevens

Its Harvest time in the northwest for apples, wheat and marijuana the value of last years apple crop was one billion two hundred eighty three million one hundred sixty three thousand dollars. Wheat came in for this state at seven hundred fifteen million one hundred sixty three thousand dollars.
No one knows the value of the marijuana harvested in Washington every year.  A very rough 1995 estimate of five hundred fifty million dollar market value was all I could find,  marijuana’s illegal  the growers don’t tell the value of  the crop and they don’t pay taxes on the profit. Instead of legalizing marijuana and collecting taxes our state spends millions on eradication
The Marijuana Eradication Program (MEP) is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and managed by the Washington State Patrol. The emphasis of this program is to combine the efforts of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to eradicate marijuana-growing operations within the state of Washington.. Last year the MEP took credit for ripping out and destroying  one hundred thirty six thousand pot plants state wide the estimated street value of those plants two hundred seventy two million dollars. So that and what ever the operational costs for MEP  came out of our states economy.

There are other draw backs beside waste, to the enforcement and eradication of cannabis law enforcement agencies often turn suspects arrested for other crimes  by offering reductions of charges against them in exchange for gathering and giving information these snitches or confidential informants are often turned loose without regard to  the CI’s criminal history and the danger to the community
The MEP Hotline receives and monitors anonymous information from concerned citizens about marijuana-growing operations. This information is sent to an enforcement agency near the reported marijuana grow for action. Some of your neighbors may hold a grudge..
We now have decades of proof that treating marijuana use as a crime is a failed strategy.
In 2010 the Washington legislature will consider MARIJUANA DECRIMINALIZATION BILL # 5616 I support 5616 but I believe it should go farther. To allow regulated and taxed sales just like liquor  if  sales are allowed the drug cartels will disappear. Law abiding gardeners  will gladly  grow legally and pay taxes and merchants  will sell legally and collect sales tax.
Some of our state legislators do not believe there is support for any of this legislation . We have to show them we support legal pot.
A phone call or letter may be enough to show we are a majority if not we may all have to go to Olympia in 2010

Hey Chicken Hawks

kbrI am talking to you Sen. McCain Sen lebeirman, Mr Gates and Gen McChrystal When a majority of Americans Voted for president Obama we voted for change. I bet getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq was a big part of what most of us expected. Now Gen McCristial is running all over the planet making speeches to pressure president Obama into “Putting more boots on the ground” or the mission will be lost. What well be lost? if we leave. I can tell you what will be lost if we stay; a lot of American lives will be lost for what chicken hawks to save your face or haliburtains stock average?. Why don’t you go on a patrol, take the point  and/or fly in a helicopter as a door gunner. I know what you think: ” we don’t have to we already served see or medals. You see I have heard it before. I am an old guy now but I will tell you this chicken hawks if we don’t get out of both wars, my boots will be on the streets getting us out…

From Mobilization for health care now


City Room – Blogging From the Five Boroughs
September 29, 2009, 6:20 pm
17 Held in Protest Outside Health Insurer’s Offices
By Colin Moynihan

Right-wing and antigovernment activists — a few of them wielding not only signs but even loaded firearms — have organized some of the angry protests surrounding the health care debate. But in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday morning, a different sort of health care protest took place, led by left-leaning groups who accused insurers of greed and called for nationwide, single-payer health insurance.

The police said that the 17 people arrested  after refusing to leave the lobby of an office building on Park Avenue where the insurance company Aetna has offices. They were charged with criminal trespass. In addition, the police said, three of those arrested were charged with obstructing governmental administration.

Organizers said it was the first step of a national campaign meant to publicize their views and challenge claims made by right-wing radio hosts and Republican officials.

“The myths about government death panels are pure hysteria,” an organizer, Mark Milano, said on Park Avenue. “The real death panels are people who are paid by insurance companies to deny health care to patients.”

About 50 people arrived at the building, at Park Avenue and 40th Street, at 10 a.m., participants said, and sent a representative to the Aetna offices upstairs to demand that the company agree to immediately approve “lifesaving” health care requests made by doctors. When that person was turned away, organizers said, 16 protesters entered the lobby of the building and sat on the floor.breaking the law and subject to arrest police

“Aetna has been actively engaged in health reform,” she wrote in an e-mail message. “When you put yourself out there like we have on this issue, you make yourself a target. But there is more agreement than disagreement on the need to get reform done. It is important we work together to make health care reform a reality this year.”

Ms. Michener added:

Broadly, Aetna ’s goals are to get everyone covered, improve the quality of health outcomes and provide better value for each dollar spent on care. We’re committed to guaranteed coverage without regard to pre-existing conditions along with an individual need to get everyone in the system and subsidies for those who can’t afford it.

Outside, a crowd chanted “patients not profits” and said that large insurers routinely made decisions on what sorts of treatment to cover based more on cost than medical necessity.

“This is very much a dignified, nonviolent response to what some people call the howler movement that erupted in August,” said Katie Robbins, part of an advocacy group called Healthcare Now.

There has been a backlash from some quarters against Mr. Obama’s support for a public insurance plan that would compete with private insurers.

Ms. Robbins advocates for a bill before the House of Representatives that would, essentially, expand Medicare to cover all citizens. She said organizers from several groups across the country, with Healthcare for All.. The groups have organized u sing a Web site and Twitter. So far, organizers said, 300 people have signed up to take part in more protests using civildisobedience

I am walking on a street over looking Puget sound and the Olympic mountain range. The sun is always high. Suddenly three Bear Bombers come roaring from behind the snow caped mountain’s climbing all most vertical in to the sun. one turns south another heads east toward the lake the third circles over head climbing higher in to the sun. then the air raid sirens scream . There is a blinding white and orange flash and then  every thing  turns to super heated steam.
That nightmare has occurred throughout my life since early child hood. Fear of nuclear attack is prevalent over planet especially in non nuclear countries. The scientist who designed the first atom bomb   J Robert Oppenheimer.gave the secret away  hoping  to prevent further mass destruction like the bombs had done to Japan. These weapons have never been used in sixty two years although further development and improvement in destructive capabilities has continued  across that time. Nuclear weapons are no longer  only delivered  by an airplane dropping bombs they can be delivered via guided missile fired from a cannon or even left somewhere in a suet case. It’s no longer a stand off between super powers. Today there are about five powerful nations Dominating the planet. These nations tend to believe in a policy of imperialistic expansion  to promote and defend there political ideologies across the planet they rationalize this policy as inevitable or even as granted by god. These nations seem blind to the idea that the people of the third world nations may not want to be dragged kicking and screaming in to the twenty first century in they’re way they are living in the same century as we are.
I can totally under stand the need of  Iran for nuclear weapons especially because there is a small but powerful and rapidly expanding nation with nuclear weapons on the border. I also understand our  (Americas) need to keep Iran from having weapons of mass destruction What I can not understand is the labeling of Iran as a rouge nation, is not Israel a  rouge nation or the United States both nations occupy ground already occupied. I can’t understand why instead of demanding the rest of the world remain nuke free the five super powers don’t disarm  themselves, not just talk and argue the shape of the table disarm DISARM,  DO IT!..

healt care pictureThe BS is flying around Washington over health care reform the republicans are using the issue to Break the President. What good Americans they are. Senator Cantwell tells us that our doctor’s order to many tests on Medicare. I would hate being misdiagnosed because  I didn’t get the right tests.  Do you mean by best out come that no expensive tests and procedures can be preformed, and if  the patent die’s oh well its gods way.
There are over forty million Americans that can not afford health insurance what do insurance company’s add to health care they add nothing but cost. we need a strong  public option. We won’t get a public option because the insurance lobby owns our senators and representatives so the insurance company’s own The health care system And that’s evil. health care is a right not a privilege that comes only with money or status.


A US soldier, wounded in a frendly fire incedent

A US soldier, wounded in a frendly fire incedent

Mc Christal is asking president Obama for more “boots” on the ground in Afghanistan he carried a report to the white house. The report was  secret but some how it leaked out of the pentagon to put pressure on the president. So now the blow hard porker and the minions shouting in the streets will have something new to squeal about. I wonder if they care or think about  our young people who are shedding they’re blood on the other side of the planet to build nations where the people want tribes, to build the bank accounts of Halliburton and other war profiteers. Its  time we remember those “BOOTS”  are full of the  flesh  and blood of our young men and women. Its time to get out. Defend ourselves from off shore. We have nothing to defend in Afghanistan or Iraq, they don,t want us there. Why did Osama bin Laden attack America. Was it about power and arrogance, dominance of American company’s around the world, our support for Israel and repressive regimes. Maybe its time to pull  it all in and mind our own business for a change. Why would we rather pay for helicopters and Humvee’s then health care for every one. We have homeless people in America but guns and bullets are more important. we have been at war eight years because of an attack by a mad man  and we have done nothing to protect our homeland from future mad men except set up a nuisance at all the airports. We still have not caught bin Laden maybe he lives in a cave in the mountains of Pakistan maybe he lives a life of luxury in Saudi Arabia. Maybe we are getting burned eight years is  more than long enough President Obama should fire McChrystal and bring the “boots” home