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He hasn’t even taken office yet, but the words of Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn have already perked some citizens’ ears.

My ears are wide open,  Mayor McGinn believes pot should not only be legal, but also taxed. He says “We recognize that, you know, like alcohol, it’s something that should be regulated, not treated as a criminal activity. And I think that’s where the citizens of Seattle want us to go,” Oh! Oh! YES that is exactly what I want I have waited years for this. McGinn asked for the public’s help identifying the issues he should tackle as mayor. Topping the list was light rail expansion. The second slot went to legalizing pot. I remember a poll in the STRANGER. Now McGinn, as well as state leaders, are talking about it. McGinn says the drug should be legalized and also taxed to offset some of the city’s financial problems. THANK YOU MAYOR MIKE, THANK YOU STRANGER,  THANK YOU KOMO.  Listen to this McGinn slams  a home run saying  “I think if every elected official who ever smoked marijuana voted to legalize it, it’d probably be legalized in an instant,” he said;  how right on is that?.
State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is sponsoring a bill that would do just that. She says “Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and it’s not working for marijuana,” Dickerson says the state’s ineffective policies on marijuana are costing taxpayers money. She recognizes there will be opponents to her idea. But she thinks many people, including the mayor, are ready for change. She is right We have all known this for years but NOW we have legislators with guts enough to come out and lay the stash on the table. Only Legislators who support this well get my vote We need big time media help up here in Washington state to inform people and legislators that cannabis is less harmful then other things like HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. People who live in Washington state or in California should call write and E-mail state senators and reps and tell them they wont get your vote unless they  support marijuana legalization.  We have to come out and do this or we will still be looking over our shoulders every time we light up…


This is last post until the first of the year when will I will be back to take on the attractions and distractions of life.


Ripped from rolling stone

I hope I am wrong but this smell’s  like a sell out. It’s not the change Obama promised or I could foresee  in my worst nightmares when I voted for Obama. The  words ” troops”, “surge” That’s Bull Shit we are putting thirty thousand more young men and women not Troops in harm’s way for what President Obama calls a “just war”.  The new boss just like the old boss”…


…Or is the President being cagey; depending on protests to push a pull out?,  the time is right for marching in the streets  if we want to stop the war


It took the shooting of four Lake Wood Washington police officers By Maurice Clemmons to finally force media attention  to the overall lack of focused attention on problems with law enforcement and mental health that often leave the criminal justice system frustrated when it comes to protecting society.
Mental health law  needs change; big time change. Clemmons is not a cold-blooded killer. He  was  mentally  ill  but still part of our society. Yes he knew what he was doing when he shot the four Lake Wood police officers, We can’t understand his reason, because Clemmons was mentally ill his emotions were Scrambled. How can we know what he felt except that he was very intent on killing cops so he took a gun and went where he knew cops would be and killed them. Did he have some dark crazy motive. How many times have any of you been angry enough to want to kill?. I have been I didn’t I am not crazy.
Police officers Are for the most part good people but they are just folks, workers like you and me. They are not Gods but they are the face of our society’s  criminal justice system. Did Clemmons Feel that society Had cut him a raw deal?, We will never know. But have you ever felt you have been badly treated by anyone a cop or society, ok the anger went away after you had a drink smoked a J chilled out because you are not nuts Clemmons Was mentally  ill we need to reexamine   how society and our justice system treats mental illness and insure this won’t ever happen again.
In the mean time we need to lose the lynch mob attitude toward the Clemmons family they knew after the mess the cops made of the Aunts home that they had to keep Clemmons out the cops hands if they wanted him to stay ALIVE!.

Whitehouse criminals

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) claimed on MSNBC this afternoon that the Bush administration purposely let Osama bin Laden get away in 2001 so they could use al-Qaeda as an excuse to invade Iraq.

Hey it worked!; They  have made FOOLS of  us all. I believe  the hand-picked Whitehouse crew accomplished what they wanted; Bush got to be “a war president” and the wars got them the pipeline, Iraq oil, profits for KBR, Halliburton and the rest  of the MIC. We are paying the bill with our young peoples blood. So now almost nine years and thousands of casualties too late here we go listening to these chicken hawks and sending 30.000 more “troops” to do the short work 4.000 marines  were ready to do in 2001.  Remember those “Troops” all have faces, maybe your kid or the paper boy or the pictures in the current high school year book.
I think we better pull every one out now give the people of Afghanistan and Iraq what they need to rebuild there countries as they see fit.
Congress should go ahead with an investigation of the Bush administration. No matter what happens Afghanistan will always be George Bush jr’s war

h74306In September 1958 seventeen years old just out of navy boot camp I ended up  in Long Beach California reporting on board my first ship a troop transport the USS Talladega moored to a buoy off the fleet landing. It was late in the day so they just checked me aboard gave me a liberty card pointed out my bunk and locker.
“Make sure you are at quarters 0600 Monday”
As I waited for the very next boat back to the beach I met two of my new shipmates  Kenny and Letch
“Hang with us; there is not shit to do here unless are you twenty one”.
“Im not”
The street from the landing ran in and out of a waterfront amusement park
Soon we were standing outside the greasiest window in the world…
“Star café this and the pike we just walked through are all of it”
Inside the star  jumped the juke box blasted a even mix of rock and soul and a light breeze of jazz and blues, packed with moving dancing bodies, the air is foggy with smoke, smelling musty and exotic. I lost track of Kenny and Letch. A woman popped up in front of me flashed a sandwich bag of something at me.
She disappeared and Letch appeared in the sea of bodes and faces.  
“Take a walk?”
I followed him out the door and we walked down to a bench right on the seawall.
Letch held up a brown roll your own.
“Its grass do you smoke it?”.
“Ah you mean dope?”.
“No just weed; cheapest drunk you will ever have, wanna try it”.
“Will I be addicted or nuts from it?”.
Letch just laughed and lit up.
“Its called a joint, inhale deep and hold it in”
I did and choked coughing and spitting all at the same time.
“SHIT oh shit!”
“Try again”
This time I held the smoke in.
“I don’t feel any thing”
Letch took his toke and handed the joint back to me the lights of the harbor got sharper and brighter as we finished I stood up and felt 30 feet tall the voices and other sounds from the pike were super clear as we walked back to the star my senses seamed so fine tuned I could hear all the pistons pumping and firing in ever car on ocean boulevard. Back in the star I picked up on the music right away a woman stepped up and stared dancing with me then I saw her along the wall Mary Jane.
“How much”
“Ten a lid”
She flashed the Baggie, I handed over the bill she pushed the bag in my pocket. I have smoked a lot of pot in the fifty years since then and I have never regretted it, never been addicted to anything except coffee I still smoke it today

Where we live cont.